Friday, August 31, 2012

That's right, every Friday is FIBER FRIDAY at the Funhouse!


New in the shop this week:  lots of hand painted fiber in yummy fall colors.

  Don't you just love fall?  I grew up in Northern lower Michigan, and the trees turned the most gorgeous colors - brilliant reds, striking golds, bronze, and every shade of green.  I also love fall because it's the beginning of the harvest season - I dream about the piles of fresh produce available for canning and "putting by" for winter that we had available on our family farm. 

Nowdays, I have a tiny place in the city, and no luck with growing vegetables in pots :O ( 

Merino-Alpaca-silk "Autumn Harvest"

We do, however, have a wonderful weekly farmers market  here in town, so I can still make pickles and preserves if I want to.

My favorite pickles EVER were pickled baby carrots with cinnamon and nutmeg - seriously, they were THE BOMB, and made me famous with the locals for a couple of years.  Now I'd kill to find that recipe again - given to me by my blind neighbor down the hill from our farm.  Sigh.
Doubt I'll ever be able to re-create them, but I can try, right?

Meanwhile, I'm inspired by the shades of autumn this week - check out the gorgeous colors in this delicious braid  - one of my new favorite fiber blends: superfine merino, baby camel down and silk (!)  What's not to love???

Merino-baby camel - silk "Autumn harvest"

You can pick up some for yourself now in the shoppe - I'm happy to share my "Fall Harvest" with you. :O )

P.S. coming soon:  "Yarnie Tuesdays"

Have a wonderful Holiday weekend, everyone-