Sunday, October 14, 2012

Well, it's bound to happen; you design a new blog, start a facebook page, post pics, and feel all "modern" and cool - then you realize that you never set up the 3rd party mail manager to send out blog updates to your subscribers...Le sigh.

So, without further ado... welcome to all of you wonderful subscribers!  This is our very first "official" blog update, and I'm sorry it's been a few weeks of silence..see above embarassing details, LOL!  Oh well, it's all good now, right? 

Now that I have your attention, I'd like to reward you all for being so patient. You should all have details for our very first "subscriber exclusive" discount coupon attached to your newsletter.  Thank you so much for your support - it's what gets me excited about creating FUN stuff every day.  I love to share fun ideas! 

I'm still tweaking the contents of this email newsletter - don't want to send you all kinds of spammy stuff, but the newsletter template had some spots to fill.  Please ignore the multiple shop links, etc.  I'll be tweaking the format once it actually goes out and I can see what it looks like "live."

Meanwhile, it's time to announce the big winner of September's giveaway:  congratulations to gamanda- at- xxx -dot- com (email address edited for privacy purposes)!!!  You won a set of POP ART mini-skeins!!!  (see pics below)

"Pop Art" giggles - set of 4 miniskeins

I've sent you an email to get your mailing info, so that I can send out your goodies.

 By the way, I have edited the subscriber sign-up form so that you all have to give me your first and last names - I need them so that I can properly address you if you win prizes, LOLOL!  If you would all take a moment to send me an email at: with your first and last names, I can add them to your existing subscription info manually.  That would be great!!! (and lots better than yelling "hey YOU!", grin.)

P.S. I'll be adding some pics of October's giveaway prize in the next update. 

Thanks again to all of you who have signed up on the newsletter list - You're the best!

Miki and the Funhouse gang

Saturday, October 13, 2012

"CAPTAIN AMERICA" Boucle' spinning Funkit

Looking for some Instant-gratification type Fun? Good news - we've got lots of new Funkits in the house!!!

That's right, we've been hard at work on some new products for the last few months, and the funkits section of our shoppe was looking a little slim - but not any more!  We've added some awesome new boucle' spinning kits, in both 4 and 8 oz sizes, so that you can have even MORE fun. 

We've also had some requests for more of our beaded spinning kits, which we LOVE to both create and spin ourselves, and they're BACK - wooty woot woot!

If you've been wanting to try spinning your own beaded yarn, this is a great way to start - we've done all the tedious work so that you can sit down and play. We've even got a free instructional Youtube video so that you can check out our beaded spinning technique - it really is just as easy as it looks.  Once you try spinning with beads, you'll start coming up with all kinds of ideas for adding beaded yarn to your hand crafted projects.

Next up on the list:  Creative spinning kits!  We've got some fantastic FUN planned for all of you this week - yay!  Look for new Holiday-themed kits going into the shop this week (just in time for "All Hallows Eve, bwahahaha....)

Speaking of October.... check out two new Halloween Colorways --

"Hocus Pocus" Polwarth/silk
First: "Hocus Pocus", and brilliant blend of deep dark ebony black and wicked lime green.  These are too much fun to spin - the end result can be as bold or as blended as you like. We've got a bunch of our favorite fiber blends already up in the shop for you to play with!

"Hocus Pocus" milk protein fiber

"Hocus Pocus" Panda fiber
Second:  We've got "Zombie Virus" in the House, LOL!!

Nope, not the REAL zombie virus, something much more FUN - our new just-for-Halloween colorway!  It's actually really gorgeous, and so much fun! Just a couple of braids in the shop at the moment, but we'll be adding lots more of this one next week...along with our next "crazy fun" Halloween treat.

"Zombie Virus" in Merino/Alpaca/Silk blend.  YUM!

*Stay tuned for a special update tomorrow - we'll be announcing the winner of September's big BLOG giveaway, and other awesome news.

Miki and the Funhouse gang